Aug 14 2013


Hi All, now a days i am away because of my other business commitments. i will answer all queries and new post after a while. thanks all for your time Tweet This Post

Mar 28 2013

Best to-do list for business man

I have read Jeff Haden’s recent article on Linkedin, i would love to share it as summery. He listed ten things those he tried to do every workday, of course there are days when he didn’t get them all done as he mentioned. But these are really effective and you will like and agree with […]

Jan 6 2013

My Guitar & My Life

I have guitar and its minor e string broken, I guess it happened year back, and whenever I picked it to play in fact trying to play, I blamed its not fixed so I cant learn it and again packed it back. As I paid payment to friend for string but he seemed busy after […]

Jan 6 2013

Depressed Negative Write up

I feel lonely, freezing hand and may be mind too, hate speech, hating myself, long bad patch, a lot to do but without starting pointing, a lot of ideas but without drawing board, a lot of string without knowing how to play, a lot of bills without knowing how to pay. Writing blog post after […]

Jan 4 2012

Best Web-Based Project Management Tools

It is time to manage your staff either in house or virtual team. Yes, when business starts to grow, there will time come when you hire more staff, freelancer and/or virtual assist to help your day-to-day operations. It is not only manage your team also help to manage life operations effectively. when we think of […]

Sep 11 2011

Google ranking algorithm updates

Google who believe in healthy web ecosystem where quality websites should come on top to serve information. Currently Google implement new algorithm to get site on top (at good position in search) those having quality content. Google penalties sites those doing copy cat for articles/contents and provide low quality information. In last couple of months, […]

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